Window Treatment Ideas for Challenging Windows

Treatments for problematic windows can leave you scratching your head and wondering if there is any way that is humanly possible to make the windows look presentable. The fact is that there are some ways to make problem windows more presentable through the use of window treatments. Surprisingly a headlight restoration kit that is normally used for your car will work perfectly in doors as well. You don’t have to give up on getting those windows to look like something you would be proud of rather than a source of shame.

Paired Windows

Windows that were set into the wall as a pair should be addressed as if they were a single unit rather than twin sisters. Drapes should hang from a single fixed rod that stretches over both windows. When using shades, it is most effective to use shades that match.

French Windows

French windows need to be treated as a singular window unit when both doors can be opened. Use drapes that you can draw easily to the side when you open your French windows. Another possibility is to use shades that set above the frames so that doors can still open with easer.


Arched Windows

Arched window should be covered in drapes that don’t hide the arch. After all, an arched window is a thing of beauty that should not be hidden. You really don’t even need to introduce window treatments to arched windows, but if you absolutely must, use a shaped track with the fabric tied back so that it meets in the middle.


Skylights with window treatments are a rare bird, but not unknown in the world of home decorating. The best utilization of treatments for a skylight are sheers that you can fix onto the frame. Another idea is to use Venetian blinds mounted on a special fixture.

Corner Window

A window that rests right up against a window can be a major league problem to treat. The best bet is to use a simple shade or blind as introducing drapes into the mix creates a look that is way too tight and fussy.

Angled Windows

Windows that are set at angles to each other in a corner of the room really have just one answer to avoiding the problem of how to treat them. Vertical louvered blinds work well as do screens. Avoid trying to use shades to solve your problem as they are likely to snag along the corners where they meet.

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows can benefit especially from the use of blinds or shades minus the addition of drapes or curtains. You might also consider the alternative window treatment of sheers that are attached to both the top and the bottom of the frame.

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